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Project details

In an industry where change and innovation is avoided to keep things at status-quo, Danish start-up Printix is on a mission to replace traditionel business print infrastructure with a cloud-based SaaS solution.

I was initially hired to give Printix's main website a make-over, but Printix was in dire need of UI, UX and templating experience, so I ended up taking on the challenge of redesigning and reimplementing all of their existing web apps: An administrative system to manage the print environment in, an app for the end-user to handle and release their printed documents from and a couple of minor apps for technicians etc.

Conversion rates

The old client software installation process turned out to be one of the main causes for the low conversion rates, and was therefor heavily improved focusing on giving the user clear indications of the process, remaining time and by adding a familiar app look'n'feel to the design.


The process of designing and implementing dashboards is often times challenging, because of the complexity and the many use-cases it has to cover.

This too was a great exercise in user-needs vs. actual available data and involved people from all areas of the company.

Keeping it clean

A common problem when designing applications that grow rapidly in complexity is to maintain a UI that is simple and easy on the eye.

I purposely kept the design very light with only a few colors while minimising the number of elements on each page to allow for a growing feature set.

Simple forms

Describing heavy technical concepts like virtual print environments in a UI eventually takes a lot of forms to tweak the many settings and options.

The forms were kept clean with scalabillity in mind and in the process I wrote a couple of custom components (fx. checkbox/switch) to improve the experience on mobile.


From the get-go we wanted the users to be able to access and manage their print environment from whatever device they prefer.

Therefor every single front-end component in this project was designed and implemented with responsiveness in mind - of course.

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