Client work

  • Client Vivino
  • Technology used
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SASS
    • JS
    • Github
    • Jekyll
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • RoR
  • Website

Project details

I had the privilege of working for Vivino, a danish start-up company situated in Copenhagen and San Francisco, specializing in delivering wine ratings, reviews and prices to the biggest wine community in the world, currently counting more than 11 mio. users.

I was hired to help the Copenhagen based Vivino team build a new front-end for Back then their Android and iOS apps were generating a lot of traffic and new users (around 3 mio.), but the website had been down prioritised for quite a while, and needed a serious overhaul.

The in-house designer, Andreas Weiland, had already begun the process of designing the many pages and elements when I got on the team, so my role started out with guiding and tweaking the designs in a direciton suited for web, by identifying reusable elements, streamlining typography, planning responsive behavior etc.

Winery pages

“Daniel helped us out implementing our brand new website for He was responsible for the markup, styling and basic scripting of the new site, working in Bootstrap 3 prototypes and releasing modular segments of the design into the main Rails project.

Daniel did an amazing job, delivering high quality, while communicating clearly on his deliverables. Will use again!”

Theis S√łndergaard - COO & Co-founder, Vivino
Templates galore

To isolate my efforts and keep things simple, I started out by building the front-end as a static Jekyll website. This made it faster to prototype and implement the many changes with the designer, without constantly having the complexity of the backend code to deal with.

(Note that the design details have been changed since I was on the project, causing some differences in the screenshots.)

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