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Me, me, me...

Hi, my name is Daniel Aakjær Sørensen. And yes, those are letters indeed! Danish is weird a language and don't even get me started on the pronunciation. Right... where was I? I guess I should get to the point and explain what it is that I do, huh?


I always try to design products that guide the user smoothly from on step to the next. I study how it feels, improving the interface and journey until people say: "WOW, this is great!".


I build handcrafted responsive prototypes and templates through short release cycles to test and showcase ideas fast. Prototypes in my opinion are pricesless when iterating UX or UI with clients.

Front-end deliveries

Prototypes gradually mature to a point of being production ready. Refining prototypes and taking them the a production level is a big part of what I do. eventually they are adopted by a main project or handed over as a finished front-end components.


Noticing glitches and bugs is an inevitable part of being a perfectionst. And that I am. I take pride in methodically hunting down pixel imperfections, browser specific issues and usability problems that normal people would not notice.


I have taught beginner to advanced level front-end development skills, from understanding HTML semantics, my thoughts on patterns to look for in a design, planning responsive behavior, CSS naming strategies, to CSS pre-processor techniques and typography.

Character design

Drawing characters has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and I still find great joy in doing it professionaly as a supplement to the more technical areas I work in.

Latest work

Enough talk. Let's see some examples already.


Product design for Danish cloud based print management fronteers Printix.

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Digital identity and iOS/Android app design for Servicelovers.

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VW Service booking

Redesigning VW's service booking flow.

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I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I have been fortunate enough to spend 3-4 years of the last 7 outside Denmark, combining traveling and working, exploring cities and places all around the world.

In 2016 was spent working for two cool danish start-up companies, Servicelovers and Printix. This year I got the chance to be part a new eco-camp called Salt Whistle Bay in St. Vincent, and work for a super cool and upcoming tech startup called Connected Cars.


Multimediedesigner – Køge Erhvervsakademi
High School graduate - Roskilde Tekniske Gymnasium HTX
Primary exame - Tune Skole


Freelance consultant
Partner, Gazebo (RoR studio)
Webdesigner/webdeveloper, Skandinavisk Motor Co.
Webdesigner/webdeveloper, Vertic


Danish (native tongue)
Speak, read and write Danish fluently.
Speak, read and write English fluently.
Swedish and Norwegian
Understand Swedish and Norwegian.
Understand basic German.

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